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Top Best Mandolins On The Market 2020 Reviews / By Joseph L. Hollen
Trying to find the best mandolin for your money? If the answer is yes, you should continue reading. In this review we discuss everything you need to know about mandolins.

We also provide a top ten list of the best mandolins available. There’s really no reason not to continue reading.
First, a quick history of the mandolin. In the United States Mandolins are known as a folk instrument. But, they actually evolved from the lute in Italy in the 17th century.
Lutes are a type of plucked, fretted string instrument. The lute’s design has carried over into the mandolin. Today, the mandolin looks like a cross between a guitar and a lute.
Kentucky KM-150 Standard A-Model Mandolin
Features:  A-style body; German spruce, Alpine maple, and Santos rosewood wood used; and weighs five pounds.

The high-quality woods used, and high-gloss finish makes this A-style mandolin stand out from the competition. Not only is this instrument beautiful, it is functional, with every feature and material designed for maximum playability.
The Kentucky KM-150 Standard A-Model Mandolin comes to you already shop adjusted. So, you can play this mandolin right out of the box.
The durability and ease of use of the Kentucky KM-150 make it a great mandolin for beginners.
The Kentucky KM-150 mandolin does not come with a hard case. So, you will have to purchase the case separately. Beware, cases can get quite expensive.
The floating bridge on the KM-150 can be hard to set-up correctly. In fact, Kentucky recommends taking the mandolin to a shop if you are concerned about setting up the floating bridge.

The flamed maple back and sides make the Ibanez M522SBS F-Style Mandolin look stylish. Also, this all-wood construction is high-quality and durable. It will stand-up to even the most demanding playing schedule.
The F-style body gives the M522SBS mandolin a class Bluegrass shape and sound. Thus, if you want to sound like Ricky Skaggs, then this is the mandolin for you.
The bridge of the M522SBS mandolin allows you to adjust the height of the strings. Therefore, you can choose the level that fits your playing best. And, this feature makes the M522SBS an easy instrument to play.
Although it may look electric, the M522SBS is an acoustic instrument. If you want an electric mandolin, you will need to look elsewhere.

The open pore gloss on the Ibanez M510BS keeps the instrument shiny and looking nice.
Additionally, the combination of woods in this all-wood mandolin makes for a classic A-style look. Therefore, if you want to play an affordable but traditional mandolin, this is the product for you.
The strings that come with the Ibanez M510BS are not as high quality as the instrument. So, you would be best served to purchase your own strings for the mandolin.
Also, the Ibanez M510BS will need be set-up by a professional before it will sound its best. Hopefully, you know of a good luthier shop near you, for you will probably need it.
The maple and rosewood on this teardrop-shaped A-style mandolin create a dark and brooding instrument.
The shipping of the Savannah SA-100-BK has not been great. And, there are many instances of the instrument arriving broken.
Savannah has created a great student instrument. However, if you want a professional sounding and set-up mandolin, this is not the one for you.

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